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Slow Design Fees: Practicing Mutual Generosity

Our service is unique and our fee strategy is as well.

For years we worked as a fee–for–service design firm. As we have shifted from designing things to helping people design their lives, this fee structure did not reflect our shift in intention and process. Therefore, we now offer our clients a choice: you may either make a gift or pay us an hourly fee.

Offering our work in this way frees us to fully engage with the process of giving you what you need. It also reflects our values to move from work as commodity to work as service and gift.

We are able to offer our services as a gift because people like you have made gifts in the past. In this way, each person has the opportunity to pay-it-forward to the next.

How much might you give? Choose an amount you feel good about. We can provide you with an accounting of the work we have done together if that is helpful. Ultimately, you should be guided by what feels right to you—a feeling of fairness, generosity, and clarity. This is the feeling you have when offering a gift that is fully appropriate to a situation.

We understand the gift approach may feel challenging and far be it for us to make this part of the process difficult! Therefore, we offer you the option of paying $125 an hour, if you would prefer.

You may make a gift:

PayPal payments online

1.  via PayPal with a credit card or through your bank or PayPal account by clicking on the "Make a Gift" button.

2.  via check to Create The Good Life, 110 G Street, Petaluma, CA 94952.

We invite you to explore with us the art of giving and receiving.


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