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Portfolio of Slow Design Projects

Over the past 20 years we have had the opportunity to apply our design skills in a variety of areas. In each case we look for the best type of solution based on the issue, the available resources, and the context. In the process we have designed products, homes, websites, educational curricula and programs, sustainability-related programs, and community processes. Below is a partial list of organizational and community projects we have done in addition to our work with individuals.

Energy Performance Score (EPS) Pilot, Oregon, 2008-2009
We designed and conducted a pilot study for Energy Trust of Oregon and Earth Advantage to create a miles per gallon type metric for measuring the energy performance of new and existing homes. The project won the 2009 RESNET Industry Innovation Award. Here is the current program and the full report.

Living Spaces Design, Portland, Oregon, 2003-2009
This was our green home remodeling design company that used a holistic approach including behavioral, furniture, and architectural solutions. Over the course of 5 years we worked with approximately 150 clients. We are kept an archive of that website.

S.T.A.R. Program, Portland, Oregon, 2007
Beth designed the Sustainability Training for Accredited Real Estate Professionals as a two day experientially based educational program for marketing, selling, and communicating with the public about green homes. The program is now called Earth Advantage Broker.

Green Home Forum, Green Building Round Up, Shop Talk, Portland, 2003-2009
These are three on-going events we designed and participated in for the purpose of furthering knowledge about green home design for the public and green home professionals. We are kept an archive of that website.

Bridges Green Business Network, Portland, Oregon, 2005
Beth designed Bridges as a green business networking organization that combined elements from the leads networking model with green values.

Sustainable Sonoma County, Sonoma County, California, 1999-2004
We developed and coordinated a community-based organization for the purpose of building awareness about sustainability for the community, local businesses, and government. In the process we developed a number of sustainability programs and workshops.

Central Petaluma Specific Plan, Petaluma, California, 2000-2003
We worked with the community, urban planners, and city officials to create the first form-based city code (SmartCode) in the U.S. for the downtown core expansion of the city of Petaluma. Here is the CPSP on the City website.

Water Efficiency Plan, Petaluma, California, 2002
Beth was part of the design team to develop a comprehensive and economically advantageous conservation plan for commercial and industrial water customers in the city of Petaluma.

Petaluma Film Series, Petaluma, California, 1999
Beth developed a cooperative project between various grassroots organizations to screen films for the public and to provide an opportunity for dialog on various topics.

Storm Residence, Sebastopol, California, 1997-1999
Eric designed and built his own green home that was notable for using off-the-shelf and economical strategies for achieving high resource efficiencies, comfort and beauty. His home was featured in the book Good Green Homes.

Elizabeth Meredith Designs, California, 1988-1999
Beth designed and manufactured lighting for her own studio and for Fire Farm Lighting. Her design work included custom and product design, as well as designing tradeshow booths and catalogs. Winner of Better by Design Lighting Award, 1997.

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