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Integral Theory

Integral Theory is based on the work of Ken Wilbur who set out to incorporate knowledge from philosophy, the world's spiritual and religious traditions, developmental psychology, and science into one larger theory. His Integral Practice is based on his "theory of everything" and is intended to offer a holistic approach to self development.

Integral theory offers an excellent and comprehensive map of the territory of personal and societal development. This can be very helpful as we try to evaluate different philosophies and ways of knowing. In addition, this map helps to describe the dynamics and relationships between different levels and areas of thought and offers a very holistic perspective that can serve as a good guide and check on the personal biases and blind spots in our thinking.

  • Wikipedia page on Ken Wilbur
  • A Brief History of Everything by Ken Wilbur is one of his more readable books outlining his integral theory.
  • The Integral Institute is the educational and research organization in Boulder, CO founded by Ken Wilbur.